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Teacher Reports Overview

Assignment, Dimensions, Performance Expectations, and Gradebook Reports!

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InnerOrbit's detailed NGSS reports provide deep insights on student understanding across all 3 Dimensions of each NGSS Performance Expectation.

Let's dive into InnerOrbit's 4 different teacher reports!

*Looking for quick data analysis tips? Check out our "How did it go" Video?

Assignments Report

View scores by assessment and also see completion rate per assessment. Furthermore, analyze student performance on individual questions.

In each assessment's Assignment Report, you'll have 2 sections:

  1. Results by Student

  2. The Question Matrix (scroll to the bottom of the report!)

Results by Student

The Question Matrix

Dimensions Report

Built for educators wanting to see the bigger picture, the Dimensions report makes it easy to see your NGSS data from each of the 3 dimensions. Understand what students have mastered and what misconceptions might exist.

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Performance Expectations Report

โ€‹View student proficiency by performance expectation. Breakdown the performance expectations into discrete NGSS dimensions and elements of the K-12 progression. (More Resources Here)


View assessment scores by student. Customize data by using the filters at the top. Or export the data into a csv with the "Download Gradebook" button.

Student Answersheet

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