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How can I force submit student's answersheet?
How can I force submit student's answersheet?

This article will show you how to submit student's incomplete assessment.

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If your students did not finish the assessment, you can use this force submit feature to turn in their incomplete answersheet for them.

1. Click "Reports" > "Assignments"

2. Click into the specific assessment you are looking for.

3. You can use the red "Force Submit All Answersheets" to turn in all incomplete assessments. Or, click on the green "Submit Incomplete" next to specific student's name.

4. You can "undo" the force submit right away. But if you refresh or leave the page, you will no longer have the "undo" ability.

5. If you would like to check on force submitted answersheet, make sure to "refresh" the page first then "click" into the student's answersheet.
โ€‹*"undo" button will disappear.

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