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The Dimension Report

View, organize, and explore your NGSS data from a larger perspective.

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Built for educators wanting to see the bigger picture, Dimensions Reports makes it easy to see NGSS data from a class, teacher, or school perspective. You can break down to understand what the students have mastered and what the misconceptions are.

Let's break down a little more! Let's go to "Reports" β†’ "Dimensions" tab and explore the 3 main features:

1. Usage Graphs: Celebrate students' completed assessments and check out fellow educators' InnerOrbit use!

2. NGSS Dimensions: See how students are doing across all 3 dimensions of the NGSS from a birds-eye point of view. Drill down into specific grade-bands and elements to take your analysis further.

3. Filters: Customize your data for your needs through the Left Side Bar.

  1. Select specific assessments

    1. Focus on specific benchmark, exit slip or practice test

    2. Compare results (e.g. Pre vs Post Assessment)

  2. Narrow down the data by setting a date range

  3. View by specific school, teacher, or student

  4. Color code your average proficiency for easier analysis

    1. "Double click" on the score to set your score % for each proficiency

  5. Show all standards and see what NGSS elements have not been assessed

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