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I've analyzed my data on what?
I've analyzed my data on what?

Check out 3 ways to use InnerOrbit to take data-driven instructional steps in your classroom!

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Well done checking out all your students' 3-Dimensional data on InnerOrbit! Wondering how InnerOrbit can support you in your next data-driven instructional steps?

This article unpacks 3 suggestions using InnerOrbit's phenomenon and questions with your students to target areas of need, as illuminated in your reports:

Option 1: Whole-Group & Small-Group Question Review

Using the question matrix from your Assignment Report, target the most-missed questions to review whole group with your class.

Whole Group Step 1: Identify the most missed question from your Assignment Report:

Whole Group Step 2: Screenshare the phenomenon and question by going to "Assessments" > "Created by You" > click on the assessment > click the blue "Preview" button and navigate to the focus question.

You can review questions with small groups in a similar manner.

In the Assignment report, hover over each question to see which students selected which distractor. Pull those students in a small group to review, screensharing as described above!

Option 2: SEP Practice

Check out InnerOrbit's SEP Practice Problems to support students' growth with the Science and Engineering Practices. Here is a sample of what this could look like:

Step 1: Identify focus SEP - In this data from my School Report, I see that my 8th grade students struggled the most with the SEP "Planning and Carrying out Investigations". Specifically they struggled on the one element highlighted in the screenshot.

Step 2: Select SEP Practice Problems - From the InnerOrbit Builder select "SEP Practice Problems" > "Middle School" > "Planning and Carrying out Investigations".

Scroll down to find questions tagged with this same SEP element and click "Add to Quiz".

Option 3: Printable Small Group Activities

According to your data, you can build specific reteaching resources for groups of students.

Step 1: Identify focus standard - In your Assignment report, hover over a question you want to pull small groups around to see what standard the question assessed.

Step 2: Identify students - In that same window, record which students need a small group on this standard by hovering over the incorrect answer choices.

Step 3: Build activity - Search InnerOrbit for that standard and choose a different phenomenon. Build a quick activity by selecting 1 prior knowledge question, 1 on grade level knowledge question, 1 formative question, and 1 summative question. Save activity!

Step 4: Print - In your "Assessments" tab, click on the activity and click the blue Print button.

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