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The Assignment Report

Analyze your assessment data, question by question πŸ“Š

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In InnerOrbit's Assignment Report feature, educators can:

  • Analyze student performance on individual questions

  • See average scores on graded free-response questions

  • Quickly see which groups of students selected which answers

  • See standard of the built assessments

Check out these data by:

1. Navigate to "Reports" > "Assignments":

2. Select "View the Full Report":

3. The top section has many assessment management tools to help see student submissions and monitor progress:

4. You can click on student's name to see that student's scored answersheet in a new tab:

5. Scroll down to "Answers by Question" and hover over each question:

​6. Click the progress bars to see groups of students by answer choice:

6. If you want to go more in depth on the data, click on the "Download answers Report" button to export csv. data:

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • You'll need to grade student responses to open ended questions to see question-level data.

  • If you see "No Data" in your answer grid, that indicates that a question was added to an assessment after students had already taken the assessment.

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