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Grading Free Response and Drawing Questions
Grading Free Response and Drawing Questions

This article will give you details on how to score and provide feedback on free-response and drawing questions.

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This article walks through InnerOrbit's grading tools for free response and drawing questions. There are 2 sections to this article:

For people who prefer video tutorials → Click Here ←!

How To Grade?

Step 1: Go to "Grading" tab.

Step 2: Scroll to find your assessment. And Click to "View Questions To Grade" to "Grade Now".

*If NO answersheets have been submitted yet, the assessment will not show up here

Step 3: You will be guided to this grading page.
On the left side, you will find a list of students & their scores.
On the right side, you will find the question, student's answers & the grading rubrics.

*Some rubrics are still being written, please reach out if you are looking for certain phenomena question rubrics.

Step 4: You can use the grading rubric to score responses from 0 to 4 points for each NGSS dimension - Disciplinary Core Idea (DCI), Science and Engineering Practice (SEP), & Crosscutting Concept (CCC)

Alternative step 4: You can also use the keyboard for speed grading.

Step 5. To give student feedback, click on the buble icon.

Step 6. You are done! Simply click the top left corner to exit.

Grading Features

Here are some tips on each feature to help grading easier:

  1. View Phenomena: See original question clusters.

  2. View Student's answersheet: Click to see student's responses on other questions.

  3. Highlighting Feature (Free response question): Turn on and type in keywords (or commonly used words) into the pink text box to highlight those words in students' responses.

  4. Sort Student list: Sort student list by first name, last name, average score, DCI, SEP or CCC.

    • Use the "average score" filter to separate all the ungraded responses to the bottom.

  5. Review all student answers and scores: View all student answers. You can even hide student names to screenshare with your class :)

How can my students see their scores after I graded their assessment?
Check out this article.

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