End of Year Ideas on InnerOrbit

Need some quick activities? Want to collect data for PLC future planning? Check out these End of Year Ideas on InnerOrbit!

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As you're ending the school year, here are some different ways you can use InnerOrbit in your classroom!

#1: Collect Data to Drive PLC Conversations with InnerOrbit Inventories

  • What do you need to revise over the summer?

  • Where should we focus our work for next school year?

  • How can I "pass up" student data to the next grade band?

Using the end of the school year to collect student data to drive decision making for the next school year is so important! Dive into InnerOrbit's Inventories to collect a wide range of 3D science data to inform summer plans and decisions for next year.

If you'd like help building an assessment for this purpose, request a free custom assessment here!

Also, check out our PLC Data Chat Protocol to engage with your data!

#2: Create a Post-Test of a Previous Assessment to Look for Growth

Curious how students would perform on a prior assessment now at the end of the school year? Use InnerOrbit's quick "Copy Assessment" feature to create a post-test of a previous assessment. ⬇️

Then, use the School Report's "assessment filter" to compare data from the original assessment to the new post-test assessment. ⬇️

#3: Science and Engineering Practices (SEP) Activity

Looking for resources for days with weird schedules that fill time yet are still meaningful?

--> Use InnerOrbit's SEP Practice Problems for students to keep honing their science skills.

--> Build multiple "activities" with these SEP practice problems*, assign them all to your students**, and have students select which activity they want to explore. Students will see all "activities" on their dashboard. ⬇️

*Pro tip: for an even more low-stakes option, build these activities using prior grade SEPs (ex: If you're a high school teacher, use MS SEPs!)

**You could also print these activities, too! Here's how.

Need help with any of these strategies?

Or want to chat about more ideas on using InnerOrbit in your context?

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