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Sharing Permissions with Co-Teachers
Sharing Permissions with Co-Teachers

Want to share your rosters, assignments, and data with another teacher at your school? Read on for details!

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In this article, we will walk through how to share permissions with a co-teacher on InnerOrbit!

Important Note: If your school/district syncs your rosters to InnerOrbit with Clever OR Classlink, the best way to add a coteacher is through the Clever/Classlink sync.

Please reach out to your district tech contact to ask for your coteacher to be added to the appropriate class sections in your Clever/Classlink sync.

--> If you continue with the suggestions in this article, your coteacher permissions may be removed in the next nightly sync.

There are two sections:

  1. How do I share permissions with my co-teacher?

  2. What do the permissions look like in my co-teacher's account?

How do I share permissions with my co-teacher?

Step 1: Make sure the teacher is connected to your school by going to "School" > "Teachers" tab. Check to see that they are in the "Teachers" list.*

*if you do not see your co-teacher in this list, check out this quick video on how to invite them

Step 2: Go to "School" > "Permissions" tab.

Step 3: Scroll to find your co-teacher and select the permissions you would like to share. Check below for more rule details

What do the permissions look like in my co-teacher's account?

Below are examples of what your co-teacher's account will look like when you share specific class permission with them:

  • View Reports
    Your co-teacher will have access to your gradebook and assignment reports when they scroll pass their own reports.

  • Assign Assessments + Edit Rosters:
    Your co-teacher will be able to assign assessments to your classes. Make sure to share the edit rosters permission too!

  • Grading:
    If you have ungraded free responses, your co-teacher has the ability to help you grade.

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