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How to manually add students to my rosters?

Add new students to your rosters by entering their information. Afterwards, students will be able to login via username and password!

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For Google Classroom & Clever users, you don't have to manually set up your rosters. Please message us on the site chat or email with any questions you may have.

In this article, you will see the steps to manually create student accounts in you InnerOrbit rosters! Let's dive in...

Step 1. Go to "Rosters" tab

Step 2. Click "Add Students" on the rosters where you'd like to add students. (If you do not have a roster yet, learn how to create a new roster here).

Step 3. Click "Paste or Upload student names and emails"

Step 4. Check the boxes for the information you want to input on the top section. At the bottom section, you will see the format guideline and examples in the blue text box.

Step 5. Click "Paste Data into a Textbox"

Step 6. Type or paste each student's information into the text box.

*Format: Last Name, First Name, Email, Username, Password, Grade

*Example: Dylan, Bob,, bobusername, 123, 5th

Step 7. Click "Continue", and you will be guided to this page. Review and click "Save".

Step 8. You are done! Students are in your class roster now. They can login with username,password, and school ID with this login link:

Need help?

Chat with us through the purple magnifying glass in the bottom right of your screen or email We'd love to hear from you :)

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