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Assign/Unassign an Assessment on InnerOrbit
Assign/Unassign an Assessment on InnerOrbit

How do I assign or unassign an assessment? Read on to find out!

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This article has 2 sections:

How to Assign an Assessment

Follow the steps below to assign and start gathering some sweet, sweet NGSS data!

Step 1: Click on your assessment tile in the "Library" tab. (You can follow these steps for district assessments, your assessments, or assessments "Created by Others".)

Step 2: Select the rosters to which you'd like to assign the assessment.

Step 3: Customize your assignment settings (video for a detailed walk-through):

    • The due date setting orders students' assigned assessments in their dashboard.

    • It does not unassign or block the assessment after the due date expires; they could still access it after the due date.

      • There is no "late" stamp for assignments submitted after the due date, but you will see the date and time submitted in the Assignment Report.

  • Show/Hide Answer choices (green button on top right)

Step 4: Use the Assignment Link in a Google Classroom/Canvas/Schoology/etc. post for students to login (Google, Clever, or username/password) and go right into this assessment.*

*students can also login through our general login page (link: or through their Clever/Classlink dashboard if your school/district is sync'd with Clever/Classlnik.

Step 5: You are done! Yahoo! You can go back to your "Library" tab and you'll see your assessment in the "assigned" section.

How to Unassign an Assessment

Step 1. Go to the "Library" tab to find your assigned assessment. Click on the assessment tile.

Step 2. "Uncheck" the class roster to unassign. You're done!

What happen to students when I unassign an assessment?

โ€‹If your students have not started or not finished the assessment: Students can no longer view or finish the assessment. The assessment will disappear from their student dashboard.

If your students have submitted the assessment: Students will still see their score on the assessment in their "Scores" tab. They can also review their answer sheet if the assessment setting was "Show Answers and Scores".

If the assessment setting "Don't Show Scores", students will simply see a checkmark next to the assessment to show they have submitted the assessment.

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