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District Report

See Dimensional Data by School to measure mastery.

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District Administrators have access to InnerOrbit's District Report, where you can see dimensional data by school to measure mastery.

In this article, we'll discuss:

Overview of Report

You'll see data on the 3 dimensions of the NGSS in this report. Make sure to toggle between them:

  • Disciplinary Core Ideas

  • Science and Engineering Practices

  • Crosscutting Concepts

Additionally, be sure to see the district averages in the top purple bar to compare with school averages.

Origin of Data

Where did this data come from?

The percentages are: % of questions tagged with this dimension answered correctly across entire school year

The colors are: proficiency categories. The defaults use the general pattern of scale scores ranges in NGSS state science test results.

Filter to Customize

Find the exact data you're looking for by:

  • Filtering for assessment data from a specific time range

    • ex: Quarter 1 data from August 1 - October 1

  • Filter data by common assessment

  • See data from different school years

Download CSV

Export dimensional data by school using the download CSV button. (If you're looking to download data for 3rd party data systems, use the Assignment Report CSV)

Examples & Tips

  • Analyze results for specific common assessments across district and by school

  • Check on overall dimensional mastery across district

    • Be aware that this data includes ALL assessments, even diagnostics!

  • Compare district data across school years

    • Especially with common assessments

  • Gather wonderings about dimensional performance to then dive deeper into in your Dimensions Report

  • Check out usage/question level data for common assessments in the Assignment Report

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