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How can I check for my school/district's usage on InnerOrbit?
How can I check for my school/district's usage on InnerOrbit?

Looking to see how everything is going on InnerOrbit? Check out these 3 tips!

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If you're a school or district admin and are curious how your teams are using InnerOrbit, we recommend these 3 quick tips:

  1. See all assessments created in the Library Tab

  2. See all student data in the Reports Tab

    1. School and district admin can see all student data from your school/district

      • If you need administrator access, please message us on the site chat.

  3. See all other usage data in the School Tab

Library Tab

In your "Library", scroll down to the "By Other Teachers" section...

...or use the side navigation bar to see the created assessments in your school/district! Click on a teacher name to see their assessments.

You can also use the blue "Show Standards" button to see the standards coverage for each assessment.

  • Less standards means a more hyper-focused assessment. More standards shows a broader assessment covering more learning!

Reports Tab

First, explore the Dimensions Report by clicking on "Reports" < "Dimensions".

  • The top section has usage data!

  • Scroll down to see students' dimensional data across your school/district.

  • You can send this report to anyone needed with the "Get Shareable Link" orange button at the top of the report.

Second, explore the Assignment Report by clicking on "Reports" < "Assignment".

  • The green progress bar indicates how many students have completed the assessment compared to the total number of students assigned to it.

  • Click on each school tab and corresponding assessments to see more.

School Tab

For DISTRICT Admin: Click "School"< "Info" to see usage data from each school.

For SCHOOL Admin: Click "School"< "Teachers" to see your school's usage data.

For additional assistance, click on "Talk to a person" in the site chat or email us at

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