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School Administrator Features
School Administrator Features

Explore your School Admin Features on InnerOrbit! This article breaks down these privileges to help you navigate your account and data.

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This article will highlight 3 School Admin Features: assignment report, school report, and assessments in the district/school.

I. Assignments Report

The Assignments Report is where you can see completion and participation rates. It gives you the ability to view the usage data by assessment, school, and teacher.

Under the "Reports" > "Assignments" tab, you will have an overview of all assigned assessments across the school and their completion progress. Click on the "View the Full Report" blue button to go in depth for each assessment.

The top section of the full report lists out individual student grade by classes and schools.

Scroll down to "Answers by Question" , you will find the "Download answers Report" button to export data.

Hover over each question to see the percentage ratio of students' answers.
(*Tip: You can click on the bar to view groups of students by answer choice.)

II. School Report

The School Report is where you can unpack your school's standards data. It gives you the ability to view the NGSS data from a teacher, class, and school perspective.

First, go to the "Reports" > "School" tab.

School Usage Graph

See the general view of the completed assessments, or narrow it down to specific teachers by clicking their names. On the right bar graph, click on "all teachers" to see the total completed assessments number. (Tip: Double Click to highlight specific teacher)

NGSS Dimension Data

See how students are doing across all 3 dimensions of the NGSS from a birds-eye view. Drill down into specific grade-bands and elements to take your analysis further.

The percentages signify the percent of questions tagged with that standard that have been answered correctly, across all students and assessments, from this school year.


Customize your data for your needs through the Left Side Bar. Filter options include:

  • Select specific assessments (like a benchmark)

  • Narrow down the data by setting a date range

  • View by specific teacher

  • Set a custom % for each proficiency

III. Assessments in the District/School

The Assessments tab is where you can see all created assessments across your school and district.

Scroll down to the "Created by Others" section to peruse assessments. Search for assessment titles in the search bar. Or, click "Show Standards" to see the overall coverage per assessment.

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