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Shared/Common Assessments Tips
Shared/Common Assessments Tips

Are you wanting to build assessments for teams of teachers? Check out this article for shared assessment tips and things to keep in mind!

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In this article, we'll discuss 4 questions that are most frequently asked about common assessments:

Should my team assign the SAME assessment or make our OWN copies to assign?

When building a common assessment on InnerOrbit, we recommend having ONE assessment that the whole team gives as the shared assessment. This means that the common assessment would be built in one teacher's InnerOrbit account and shared with your team.

Building and assigning the SAME common assessment is helpful because:

  1. There are less copies of the assessment floating around

  2. The assessment data will stay bundled in our system for data analysis

An exception to this recommendation is for modified assessments. For students needing a modified assessment, educators can:

How can I share the common assessment with my team?

There are 3 options to share your common assessment with your team:

Option 1: Library Tab Search

  • Have your team go to their "Library" tab.

  • Use the search bar at the top of the page to search the TITLES of assessments in your district.

    • TIP: When building common assessments, it's helpful to be specific in naming them to aid in the searching and organization of assessment (ex: 23-24 8th Grade Unit 4 Test).

Option 2: Share Assessment URL Link

Instead of having teams scroll/search for assessments, you can send them the direct link to the assessment via email, linking in curricular docs, etc.!

  • Have the owner of the assessment go to their "Library" tab.

  • Click on the common assessment.

  • Copy the URL link from the TOP of your browser!

    • This is not to be confused with the STUDENT assessment link in the pink window. The URL link will say "TEACHERS" in it, the assigning link for students will have "STUDENTS" in it.

If you need an organizational system to house all your InnerOrbit assessments, we recommend our Common Assessment Organizer. Get a Google Sheet template copy in the link below.

Option 3: Pin District/School Admin Folder

If you have district admin privileges on your InnerOrbit account, when you make a folder, you have the option to "Make Visible to District/School".

This will "pin" that folder to the top of all teachers' Library tab in your District/School.

Click and drag shared assessments into that folder for everyone to easily find and assign.

How do I assign a shared assessment, built by someone else?

When you click on someone else's assessment from the Library tab OR access via a direct link, you can assign that assessment to your rosters in just one click (screenshot below)!

If you want to send instructions to your teachers about how to assign a shared assessment, we recommend these quick instructional slides! Get a Google Slides template copy in the link below.

What happens with our data if multiple teachers give the same assessment?

By default, teachers only see their own data from a shared assessment in their reports.

In the Dimensions Report, there is a filter for teams of teachers to see the assessment results across their PLC team.

School or district admin can see all data across multiple classrooms from a single assessment by using the assessment filer across their reports.

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