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Back-to-School Ideas with InnerOrbit!
Back-to-School Ideas with InnerOrbit!

Ready to get your "NGSS on" at the beginning of the school year? Here's how InnerOrbit can help!

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The beginning of the school year is packed with opportunities to lay a strong foundation for the rest of the school year. InnerOrbit has many resources to help you start the year off with phenomena-based instruction, baseline data, and more!

We have four suggestions on how InnerOrbit can support your back-to-school plans:

Build a Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic assessments give educators specific data on gaps in background knowledge and skills. Building a diagnostic assessment and giving it to students at the beginning of your unit shows you what skills and knowledge need to be remediated and what students' strengths are.

Check out how to build a diagnostic assessment on InnerOrbit in the video below!

Build a Pre/Post Assessment

If you want to see how students grow throughout a unit, pre and post assessments are for you!

There are 3 different strategies you can consider when building your pre-assessment. Deciding which strategy works best for you and your students depends on what data you want to collect and what sensemaking experiences you want to provide for students.

Gather Baseline Data with Inventories

Check out our Inventories, which are pre-packaged assessments from InnerOrbit's phenomena and 3D questions, to gather beginning of the year data!

  • Use your current grade level as a pre-assessment now, and then assign the same Inventory as a post-assessment later to see growth over time.

  • Use an Inventory from a prior grade band to gather foundational data of what you may need to lean into throughout the year.

You can "Use All Questions" (1st screenshot) or just pick and choose the questions you want (2nd screenshot):

Support Your Colleagues & Stakeholders

Check out the resources below to support your colleagues and student stakeholders with InnerOrbit:

What further questions do you have?

Send us a message on the site chat (purple circle in bottom right corner of screen) and our team will reply in a jiffy!

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