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How can I change the order of questions in my assessment?
How can I change the order of questions in my assessment?

This article will walk you through how to change the question order within a phenomena cluster.

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When you are building your assessment, you can simply drag and drop question within a phenomena to change the order.
(Continue reading for detailed instructions...)

​Step 1. Make sure you are in edit mode (questions will be on the right).

Step 2. Hold your click on the "up and down icon (βˆ†βˆ‡)", and drag the question to your desire order within the phenomena.

Quick Tips:

  • Use the question level tag to organize the order of the questions from easy (Prior-Level Knowledge) to difficult (Summative).

  • Answer choice order will be shuffled automatically for students, but question order will not be shuffled.

Step 3. Congrats! You switched the order! Don't worry if the question order number is the same as prior. As long as the position of the order is switched, you are good!*

*When you click into the assessment again, the question order number should be updated.

Step 3. Don't forget to "Save"!

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