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How can I build an assessment with multiple phenomena/standards?
How can I build an assessment with multiple phenomena/standards?

Can I use more than 1 phenomena in an assessment? The answer is YES! Read on and find out how.

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This article will show you how to add multiple phenomena to an assessment on InnerOrbit. If you wish to merge 2 existing assessments, we do not have that feature yet! Email us at and we can help you with it!

Step 1. Click "add to quiz" to start your assessment from your first phenomena/standard. After that, those questions will pop up on the right side for you to review! It's kind of like your shopping cart!

*For first time assessment builder, watch this video Create Your First InnerOrbit NGSS Assessment for tips and a detailed walkthrough.

Step 2. On the left side, you can browse or search for another phenomena/standard. Once you find one you like, simply click into the phenomena, click "add to quiz", and those questions will be added to your "assessment cart"!

Step 3. Don't forget to save!

Step 4. Lastly, you are probably wondering what this assessment will look like on the student's side. Click "Preview" to see from their perspective.

(Student's View)

Check out this article on how to assign your assessment!

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