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How can I see the answers and rubrics to questions?
How can I see the answers and rubrics to questions?

This short guide will help you find the answers and rubrics to the questions on InnerOrbit or your assessment.

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This articles has 2 sections:

If you haven't checked out our phenoemena, check out this video on how to search for phenomenon and assessments on InnerOrbit

View Answers

Once you are in a phenomena question set or your own assessment. You can click the "View Answers" button on the top of the window to see th answers key.

BEFORE clicking on "View Answers"πŸ‘‡

AFTER clicking on "View Answers"πŸ‘‡

View Rubrics

Some of our more rigorous free response questions will have 3-Dimensional Rubrics*. And, you can see these rubrics by hovering over the question.

Here are some additional resources for you:

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