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How do students see their scores on InnerOrbit?
How do students see their scores on InnerOrbit?

This article has a helpful video you can send to students to walk them through their InnerOrbit dashboard! Check it out!

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The InnerOrbit student dashboard helps students stay organized with due dates and empowers their learning by accessing their scores and teacher feedback!

Check out this video to walk through the student dashboard. This would also be wonderful to share with your students so they are in the know!

How can my students see their scores after I graded their assessment?

Step 1. Make sure the assign setting is "Show Answers and Scores to Students" if you want students to review their answers/feedback.

If your assessment setting is "Don't Show Scores to Students", your students won't be able to review their grade, their answer sheet, and your feedback.

(Student View👇 )

*You can change this setting at any time. This means you can have "Don't Show Scores and Answers to Students" on when students take the assessment and then change the setting to "Show Scores and Answers to Students" when you are ready to release results.

Step 2. Students can review their answer sheet by going to the "Score" tab and click into their assessment.

Learn more about Points Per Value or check out some tips about ensuring academic honesty on InnerOrbit.

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