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Worried about academic dishonesty in InnerOrbit? Here are some tips.
Worried about academic dishonesty in InnerOrbit? Here are some tips.

Here are some helpful strategies to ensure assessment data is accurate and honest. :)

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InnerOrbit offers many features and optional settings that support teachers and schools in ensuring academic honesty. In this article, we first list the features that are embedded in InnerOrbit and then list some settings that you may want to apply to your own assessments.

Embedded Features:

Shuffled answers- InnerOrbit automatically shuffles multiple choice answers user to user.

Free response questions - With a simple platform to quickly read and grade free response questions, teachers can more accurately assess understanding as well as see similar responses among students.

Detailed Gradebook - Click "Reports" --> "Gradebook" to find detailed results of assessments per student to look for patterns or inconsistencies.

Optional Settings:

Don't show scores to students - When assigning an assessment, if you do not want students to see their scores after submitting, select this option. This also prevents students from seeing the answers they submitted.

The "show answers and scores to students" setting enables students to see their scores and their answers submitted, marked right or wrong.

Add a due date - Select a date when the assessment must be due when assigning. Make this window as specific and narrow as you can.

Lock/unlock assessments - If you would like to pre-assign an assessment, but aren't ready for students to take it yet, or if there are specific students who should/should not take the assessment, use the lock feature! Press the green lock next the the assigned class and make your selections in the pop-up window.

Need a reminder about how students log into InnerOrbit with Google? Check out this help article!

Happy Orbiting! 🧠 πŸš€ πŸ’«

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