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How do I combine an Uploaded assessment and an InnerOrbit assessment?
How do I combine an Uploaded assessment and an InnerOrbit assessment?

Add questions from InnerOrbit's assessments library into your own Uploaded assessment

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Note: If you haven't uploaded an assessment, you must do that before following the steps in this article.

Begin by navigating to the Library section of the website.

Find your Uploaded assessment by scrolling down to the "Created by You" section of the page.

Alternatively, find your Uploaded assessment by searching for its exact title in the search bar. The search results will appear in a panel on the right side.

Open your Uploaded assessment, then click Edit in the bottom left.

To add questions from InnerOrbit's assessments, browse or search using the panel on the left. Search results will appear by scrolling down.

Open an InnerOrbit assessment. Click Add to Quiz under any individual question you would like to add to your Uploaded assessment, or click Use All Questions at the top of the page to add all questions at once.

Once you finish adding InnerOrbit questions, return to your Uploaded assessment by clicking View Your Assessment in the upper right corner. The InnerOrbit assessment questions will appear below the original questions from your Uploaded assessment.

Click Save to save changes to your Uploaded assessment.

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