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Google Login Troubleshoot

Here are some quick steps to take if students cannot login to InnerOrbit via GOOGLE.

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Thank you so much for troubleshooting your student's login to InnerOrbit. Check out these 5 things to check:

Check #1

In the rosters tab, check if your students have correct username/email. If they do not, click on the student name to update their information.

Check #2

Please check if there is a partially gray box in the top right of the screen. The student is logged in but not transferred to the dashboard. They can simply click on the gray name box.

Check #3

Try a different browser or device. (E.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Interenet Explorer)

Check #4

Check #5

For temporary solution, you can set up password for students to login with username/password/school ID to have access in the meantime (Login Link: :

Username: NomNom
​Password: resetpassword
​School ID: 31545 (Can be found in the top right corner of your page)

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