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Suggestions for Retakes

How can I create a retake assessment and analyze the results? Check out this guide for all the details!

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InnerOrbit doesn't have a specific "retake"/"unsubmit" feature yet (it's in the works!), so here are the best two workarounds:

Option 1: Create a duplicate of the assessment and reassign it (see how).

Option 2: Email us at with the Assessment Name and Student Name you would like us to "unsibmit" so the student can take the assessment again! (they will see all their answers they previously submitted)

If pursuing Option 1, continue reading the 3 sections of this article:

I. How can I create a duplicate assessment for retakes?

1. Go to your "Library" tab and find your assessment.

2. "Click" on the three dots on the top right corner of the assessment.

3. Select "Make a Copy to Modify". Then, rename the duplicate in the pop-up box. And, voila! You have created your retake!*

*If you would like to make some changes on the retake, click into the assessment and find "edit quiz" in the bottom right corner.

II. How can I assign the "retake" to specific students?

1. Click on the assessment, and it will lead you to the pink assigning page.
​2. Select the roster you want to assign to (red box in screenshot below)

3. Then, click on the green lock to choose specific students.
​*Make sure the class roster is checked to see the green lock.

3) Choose specific students to have access to the assessment by locking/unlocking them.

  • Students with a green unlocked icon will be able to access the assessment.

  • Students with a red lock will see the assessment on their dashboard, but will not be able to access it.

For a more detailed walkthrough on these features, check out this assigning video.

III. How can I analyze the "retake" data?


See results of the original assessment and the retake side by side with the InnerOrbit Gradebook Report.

Dimensions Report

See the NGSS dimension results with the Dimensions Report by selecting the following filter settings:

  1. Select Assessments (choose the original and the retake) AND

  2. Specific Student

Original Assessment


Check out this article for more comparison tips in the School Report: How do I compare assessment data for students that take a modified version of an assessment?

Need more help?

Send us a message on the site chat (purple bubble on bottom right corner) or email us

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