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Drawing/Modeling Questions FAQ
Drawing/Modeling Questions FAQ

Want to know more about the drawing questions on InnerOrbit? Get your questions answered here!

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InnerOrbit's drawing-response questions supports students in modeling their understanding of specific science concepts! Check out the FAQs below to learn more.

--> Can students use a stylus in the drawing questions?

Yes! Students click on the green "draw" button and are able to use any of the drawing features with a touch screen device and stylus. Otherwise, students can use the drawing features with their mouse or touchpad.

--> Can I create my own drawing questions?

Currently, the only way to create your own drawing-response questions is through the "Upload" feature. Check out this video on how to upload and tag your own NGSS assessments on InnerOrbit.

PRO TIP: In the "Upload" feature, you can insert an image for students to draw on, if you would like to insert a blank graph with pre-labeled x-axis and y-axis, for example!

--> Can students type in the drawing questions?

This is a feature we will develop soon! The best way for students to include an explanation of their models/drawings is to pair a drawing question with a free response questions where students can explain their model.

--> How do I grade drawing questions?

Visit the "Grading" tab to grade drawing (and free response!) questions. Check out this video for more details.

For any further questions, please email

and we'll respond in a jiffy!

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