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SFTP & CSV Roster Sync

How to upload to our SFTP to roster with InnerOrbit.

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RocketLit and InnerOrbit currently support roster syncs with Clever and Google Classroom. Though more integrations are to come, we can still roster your students to InnerOrbit! All that's required is that you or your tech team get us a CSV file with your roster data in it.

Steps in the Setup Process

  1. Create a CSV with roster data

    - Find the exact format and which fields need to be unique below.

  2. Upload the CSV to our SFTP server

    - When you are ready with this file, let us know and we can send you an SFTP username and password.

  3. Let us Process and Test on our end - We want to make sure the CSV file looks okay and run some test roster syncs.

  4. Test Logins on your end - Once we use your CSV to load all the rosters into our system and everything is set up, we'd need you to test a few student and teacher accounts by logging into InnerOrbit as them.

  5. That's all - As student info changes, you can upload a new file and shoot us an email when it's been uploaded, or we can automatically run a file of the same name, nightly. It's up to you.

Details for Each Step

1. CSV

The fields that are needed are:

school_id, school_name,
teacher_email, teacher_first_name, teacher_last_name,
class_id, class_name,
student_first_name, student_last_name, student_email, student_grade_level

The ones that need to be unique are bolded.

Please limit the classes in the CSV to ONLY ones that will be using RocketLit or InnerOrbit. We'll be processing the entire file and since each student will count against the number of seats on your license, we don't want to have any extra data on there.


Once you're ready with your file, please email so we can provide you with a username and password.

username: TBD

password: TBD

3. Testing on Our End

This should take about a day for us.

4. Testing on Your End

You just need access to log into RocketLit or InnerOrbit with student and teacher accounts to check for any errors. You can do this at: or We may want to take 5 minutes and do this over the phone in case there are any hiccups with the csv file.

Roster Sync Sample CSV

You can also download the CSV sample for setting up your file to sync rosters.

If you have any questions, please email

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